About Decantae

In 1986, following official recognition of the Decantae Spring as a Natural Mineral Water, bottling commenced at Trofarth Farm. Following the explosive growth in the mineral water market in the 1990’s it was necessary that substantial investment be made in order to remain competitive in the market place.

Enhancement of production, warehousing and distribution facilities in our high quality controlled environment, was effected by an investment in excess of 3 million pounds from new investors.

Since then the Decantae brand is recognised as one of the top 5 bottled water brands in the premium sector of the market. The water is served throughout the UK and Europe in top hotels, restaurants and conferencing venues.

With the launch of the new classic range, Decantae has secured major contracts with large hotel groups. Coupled with the dual labelling facility on both the 330 ml and 750 ml bottle, Decantae are able to offer a unique, bespoke label design facility.

Decantae is the UK largest producer of mineral water cups for the Airline industry, serving British Airways, Delta Airlines, American Airlines and Emirates to name a few. In 2008 Decantae will supply over 20 million cups.

Low mineralisation

Decantae Natural Mineral water has one of the lowest mineralisation levels of any mineral water.

One of the lowest sodium levels

Of any natural mineral water in Europe.

Constant monitoring

At every stage.

Award winning bottle

Decantae Mineral Water bottle won the British Glass Design Award in 1996. Decantae was awarded the gold medal for taste at the Good Food Show 1997.


All Decantae Mineral Water glass and plastic bottles are supplied by UK manufactures as local as possible.

The Prince of Natural Waters

Sourced from the foothills of Snowdonia in North Wales.