Our Environment Policy

Decantae Mineral Water Ltd is a manufacturer of natural mineral water in glass and pet bottles and petg cuplets. The company aims to achieve environmental best practice as far as is practical throughout all of its operations. The company recognises that the pursuit of economic growth and eco-efficiency must be closely linked in order to achieve environmental excellence. The implementation of the environmental management system will demonstrate our commitment to the environment. Decantae Mineral Water Ltd. will continually assess operations and procedures to identify all significant environmental impacts. We understand that our operation has an impact on the local and global environment. Objectives and targets will be implemented and reviewed annually in an aim to reduce our impacts and ensure the commitment to the continual improvement of the company’s environmental performance.


Decantae Mineral Water Ltd. Will: 

  • Comply with requirements of all environmental legislation and approved codes of practice.
  •  Prevent pollution through the control & improvement of company activities, and daily security recorded checks.
  • Monitor energy consumption and where practical minimise the consumption of energy.
  •  Educate employees on environmental issues through environmental awareness training.
  •  Review on an annual basis the environmental policy and management system to ensure it remains appropriate to the nature of the business, and requirements of BRC 05. Monitor water consumption throughout the process and take all reasonable measures compliant with natural mineral water regulations to reduce wastage where ever possible.
  •  Make available the environment policy to all interested parties.


Decantae Mineral Water is committed to the environment and sustainability of natural resources and to this end we have established a program to maximize the use of recycled materials. 

  • All Decantae glass bottles are 100% recyclable and purchased from UK manufacturers to reduce carbon foot print.
  • Decantae plastic bottles are UK sourced and 100% recyclable.
  •  We recycle over 90% of incoming cardboard, and the balance is baled and sent to recycling.
  • Pallets are returned to manufacturers and over 50% of finished products are on recycled pallets.
  • We have actively worked with our customers and glass producers, and we expect to achieve over 40% of our bottles will be recycled back to the UK manufacturers.
  •  All waste produced by the bottling plant is recycled and our plant is planned to be carbon neutral by 2009.
  •  60% of all deliveries are back hauling by our transport companies, reducing empty vehicles travelling the country and reducing emissions.